New Worksafe National Assessment Instruments

2015-12-03 15:30:15

Worksafe Victoria in conjunction with Safework Australia released the newest editions to the High Risk Work National Assessment Instruments on the 1st November 2015. The new instruments have had some changes made to the wording in them after a strong feedback from trainers and students alike, there were two major changes;

1. The wording used in questions is now far more appropriate to the general language used on sites accross Australia.

2. The phrasing of questions has been improved dramatically to clearly state in the question what is required in the answer.

The assessment document has also added numbered spaces to the document, so if three answers are asked for the the figures 1., 2., and 3. and a blank space next to each figure to record an answer. This seems like a small change but when as many as 10 answers are required for one response, a total of up to 120 questions and as many as 6 students in a class the Worksafe Licence Assessors work can be cut out for them if they have to constantly count the responses. 

While there are many areas of this new document that still require change, the new documents are an improvement on what we have been using to date. Unfortunately change is a slow process with the regulators as someone once explained to me if you put seven people in a room from different parts of the country trying to get an agreement on something is very diffcult.